Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pitching Fidelio, round two

Last year I stopped querying agents about my Fidelio novel after it became clear to me that further revisions were needed before it was publication-worthy. Since then, I've almost completely rewritten the first half of the book. I rewrote the first chapter-the crucial hook-and I think it's much better now. (I hope so, anyway!) So now, given that I've got a month's holiday stretching before me, I'm working on perfecting my pitch.

What do you all think of this? Would you read a book if this was its back cover blurb?

“Fidelio” is the story of one woman’s search for her husband after he is ‘disappeared’ by political enemies.
Seville 1793: A smoking bonfire contains scraps of clothing and her husband’s wedding ring, but no body. Society, and even her own family, believe Florestan to be dead, but Leonora Serrano does not. Florestan was an important man, an aide to the Minister of Justice during this time of war and political upheaval. What was he investigating that was so dangerous that he had to be removed? A chance encounter with the governor of a dreaded prison fortress leads Leonora to assume the disguise of a young man and take a job as servant at the fortress in hopes of finding her husband alive. What she learns there turns her world on its head and makes her question everything she ever knew about justice and mercy. And then, when all hope seems lost, she hears a whisper of a starving man locked in a secret dungeon. Is it Florestan? And will she reach him before he is murdered?

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