Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello, world

Hey folks. Bet you'd given up on ever seeing me again, eh? I went off last August in something of a diva fit during what was the longest, brokest, most boring summer in all my twenty-seven years on this earth. Since that time, I have had many adventures, both good and less so, and I come back to you now with a tally of what one person can accomplish when they feel like it.

Since my August 3rd post, I have:

Met the incomparable Lucy of Opera Obsession (and what a weekend it was!)

Begun to write reviews for BachTrack Magazine of the concerts and operas in Berlin.

Read about fifty good books

Fell in true love with my job.

Started a Tumblr under the highly original name of Tinydoom's Opernpalais

Been awfully sassy on my Twitter page

Gone to California to see my family for Christmas, where I finally admitted that while I love California, I will never want to ive there

Won a ticket to see Jonas Kaufmann make an operetta dvd in Berlin's Funkhaus, where I sat in the very front row and took this video:

All in all, it's been wild and crazy, but now I finally feel like blogging again, so hopefully we can expect regular posts. Fingers crossed!

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Angelina said...

Welcome back! Excited to see what you have planned. :)


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